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We provide end to end Blockchain services and support. Our solutions include consultancy and business planning, platform design, backend development and roll out. Our goal is to help your Blockchain business grow.

Our Services


Exchange software

We offer custom-tailored and complete cryptocurrency exchange software for Bitcoin, Ethereum, altcoins and token trading. All exchanges follow the highest UX and UI standards carefully designed by our experts.

Decentralized applications

We provide cutting-edge Blockchain development solutions tailored to your business goals. We will help you develop Ethereum-based end to end Decentralized Applications (DAPPs), including frontend, smart contract design and Middleware API connectivity

Customized Blockchain

We offer expert solutions for creating and implementing customized blockchain for your business, either by creating it from scratch or by using hard or soft forks of any other blockchain all the while adhering to the highest standards of security and transaction speed.


Belters – altcoin mining application

For our client, Belters, we developed an altcoin mining app, aimed primarily at mining power providers. Belters allows for monitoring the mining process, estimating the mining complexity and effectiveness, and real time calculation of resale value of computing power according to industry rates. In addition, users can monitor in real time the node status and hash rate migration within the blockchain network. Craftchain implemented and integrated the system and designed the UX and UI layers.

Centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform

For our Malta-based client, we developed a robust, dynamic and competitive cryptocurrency exchange platform with the potential to disrupt the crypto marketplace. Our role was to conceptualize, design, code and integrate first version of the product, while also facilitating collaboration between IT and business team. The design follows cutting-edge UX trends, and is in line with the highest currency exchange industry standards. Attractive UI goes hand in hand with the platform’s functionality and usability, while React JS-based frontend allows for fast and dynamic data processing allowing for seamless scalability.

Blockchain Hotels
Blockchain hotels - the first chain of decentralized hotels

Our client’s goal is to build a global network of hotels using the blockchain technology.
The hotels will be powered solely by renewable energy sources, while internet connectivity will be delivered  through satellites with a backup of local wire providers. This way the Blockchain Hotels chain wants to launch an eco-friendly, decentralized network of hotels and apply the blockchain technology in the hospitality sector at scale. Craftchain’s core team assisted in launching the first ever ICO for our client. Our team member played the role of a CMO in the project, helped to deliver the whitepaper and consulted our clients on the marketing strategy.

Why Choose Us?

We are an experienced and passionate team of blockchain experts and enthusiasts who want to contribute to the shaping of decentralized world. We do not compromise on quality, which is why we make sure to stay up to date with the recent trends in the technology, interface design and business. At the same time, our prices remain competitive and our services are suited to large business organizations and start-ups alike from across sectors.


Complete solutions

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We offer end to end services with blockchain at the centre, including consulting and advice, UX and UI design, frontend and backend implementation, middleware API integration

outstanding value

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Our Eastern European location allows us to remain competitively priced without compromising on the quality of our work. Highest delivery standards are our top priority.

industry experience

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With the growing amount of blockchain use cases, the demand for business partners with hands-on industry experience also grows. Our experienced and talented team is what makes us stand out from competitors.

Collaboration focus

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We care about close-knit collaboration. Our goal is to deliver long-lasting quality solutions and to leave behind technological and industry capabilities that will help you sustain and scale your blockchain business.

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Our team will be happy to answer any questions with regards to your business idea, technology, project scope or potential quotes. We are here to help you.

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