About Craftchain

We are an established software house, a part of the Crafton family. Our mission is to contribute to the impact that blockchain technology has on economies and societies. We help our clients set up, scale or transform businesses with the blockchain technology at the centre. Our creative team includes UX and UI designers, developers, business and technology experts joined by passion for blockchain and innovation.
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Blockchain Developers

Our team comprises blockchain technology experts who advice on and implement the most cutting edge solutions, in line with the rapid pace of blockchain technological development. We offer technical expertise and solutions on setting up cryptocurrency and token exchange platforms, smart contract development, bitcoin and altcoin forks, ICO process and decentralized application development.

UX & UI Specialists

Our design team makes sure that your blockchain tech solutions are wrapped in a user-friendly and intuitive interface seamlessly integrated with your business goals. We believe that an appealing visual layer, combined with a highly functional architecture of the interface are integral to a positive user experience and contribute to the overall success of your blockchain platform.

Blockchain business experts

In addition to technical expertise, we also provide business advice and consultancy on how to successfully implement your blockchain business. Our team includes business analysts, consultants and blockchain advisors who are eager to provide advice on use cases, scaling opportunities, market needs and assess associated risks to make your blockchain business a success.

Our Story

Craftchain blockchain solutions grew naturally from the web and IT services we have been providing to our clients for over 10 years under Crafton. Crafton’s software services continue to be recognized as outstanding in core industry rankings, such as Clutch and the annual Milward Brown survey. Thanks to the experience acquired at Crafton, we have learned to understand the changing market needs, users’ expectations and quality requirements in the tech space. We have also learned to recognize the potential behind decentralization and distributed trust that the blockchain technology offers. Our mission is to promote the value of decentralization and contribute to the mass adoption of the technology.


Our blockchain capabilities emerged from our experiences with cryptocurrencies, both as investors and as developers. We were quickly encouraged to explore the blockchain realm further and expanded our focus and team capabilities to smart contracts and decentralized applications development. As our Craftchain team grows, we are thrilled to contribute to the scaling of the technology across sectors and industries. We find each of the blockchain use cases we implement to be unique, offering important social and/or economic contribution to communities and individuals.

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Our Experts

Piotr Kulczycki

CEO and Founder

Michał Zieliński

CMO and Co-Founder

Przemysław Karda


Daniel Borowski

Senior Blockchain Developer

Marcin Godlewski

Blockchain & Marketing Advisor

Łukasz Gromek

Senior Blockchain Developer

Artur Zawiasinski

Art Director

Emil Nienałtowski

Lead Developer

Ania Roth

Head of UX

Alex Bojanowski

Project Manager

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Our team will be happy to answer any questions with regards to your business idea, technology, project scope or potential quotes. We are here to help you.

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