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By creating a blockchain, changes in sales can be redesigned to become more user-friendly. For example, companies can issue, purchase and sell simpler leases to their customers. This will increase the revenues of car dealers and enable fast and flexible delivery for customers. Everyone can track the history of the transaction that has been granted access. That means there are no more uncertainties during companies and sellers.


The production companies can be bussed over this blockchain, so it is the trading partner possible to track where the car is, what payment and when it will arrive. In short, registration processes become even easier. The logistics of the individual car salesmen and the automotive industry is supported. The more orderly conclusion of contracts and the faster transferable payment in terms of possible Smart Contracts. As such, smart contracts play an important role in ensuring the best possible product lifecycle management and traceability (AM traceability).


A so-called real-time sharing is here also a pleasant advantage, money arrives earlier, the production can be gekubelt faster or if already been produced, the true can be delivered faster. In normal cases, for example, ordering a car from the dealer and not taking it directly, since this process requires a high payment, many people have the money first go to the bank to pay it to the dealer and conclude the contract. Big car companies also have the option to set a cryptocurrency that may bring change and additional profit to the company. In addition, the Smart Contracts ensure that the fraudulent actions of the customers are avoided, by an accurate decentralized networking, everything can be recorded and collected. There is no great risk, not to get along, for example, customers and dealers under the hand trying to conclude contracts and thus bring damage to the large corporation.

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