Education is a central pillar when assessing a country’s development and health. Developing countries and large industrialized nations alike need to focus on education in order to foster their position or to maintain it in the wake of increasing international competition. Just like the internet did, Blockchain is shaping up to have a long lasting and drastic effect on how we store, process and access data in all fields related to education. Not only will it be possible to safely store records – say grades, research breakthroughs or certifications – within the blockchain, these records will also become unalterable and remotely accessible from anywhere in the world.


The advantages are numerous – no more will employers or higher education institutions have to get in contact with centralized authentication authorities or other institutions just to be assured that the respective candidate has indeed graduated from their institutions. This also allows institutions to free precious capacities and reduce paper waste The implementation of distributed ledger technology into the field of education is also very attractive for those who are being educated.


Imagine students being able to build their CVs within blockchain with certified entries of their relevant education and work experience – not having to worry about their privacy while at the same time being able to grant access to anyone in the world at any time. As for many emerging technologies their success in education is crucial for the widespread adoption. Students, young professionals and academics are all connected by the fabric that educational institutions constitute. Well thought-out implementations of decentralized applications (dApps) will be carried into all industry branches as success stories to aspire to.

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