The Land Registry, Procurement, Digitization of Elections, Digital Identity (Citizens and Businesses), a Public Registry, Important Documentary Records, or Social Security Payouts, to name but a few of the endless possibilities in which Blockchain is used in governmental affairs can and can be greatly improved by blockchain systems. This can easily be a simplified success, because many things are simply clearer for society and the government. You can save money by not having to deal with so many security officers for files and documents, but you can also get more clarity in security matters.


The blockchain system makes it more difficult for the population and officials to be corrupt or fraudulent. The data is kept in a safe place, there is no possibility of fraud or fraud. In the future, people will work less on paper. The computer system is processing more and more governmental activities. Especially in elections, the blockchain system will be able to bring great progress. Because at some point political elections will no longer be held on paper, it would be more useful through the possibilities of security and transparency to control and operate this on a blockchain system, because the blockchain technology will help to secure this process.


No election manipulation or further scandals are possible. Depending on the impact, you could even connect people so well with each other that the elections can be performed on the phone in yet secured systems. This makes it easier to get people to vote because they can do it conveniently and safely from home, and it helps to rebuild trust in society. Especially for those who think that they can influence anything in politics, because anyway everything is corrupt. Blockchain gives you the opportunity to influence and test it.

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