The storage and transmission of health data is also a practical and very important area in which the blockchain can be available. The identity of service providers will not be transparent to any assistant but can still be passed on very quickly via something similar to a health insurance card.


The general system of a blockchain now also makes it possible to prevent the falsification of data. No more unannounced people without health insurance in Europe and a uniformly registered system with all people who have agreed to join the blockchain via individual intermediaries allow more flexibility and transparency.


For example, doctors may even have the option of having to authorize certain types of health insurance without a health insurance, which can even take days and weeks in some countries, within a few minutes. For example, a logistics can be created on which medical procedures exactly what cost factors, health characteristics and all other factors must match, for example, to perform cosmetic surgery or eye surgery. The current transfer of health insurance card data is not the fastest, one has to read in the data and the practices then request the authorization to gain insight. If this were possible in advance, there would also be the possibility of physicians accessing data concerning the previous illnesses of the persons. As a result, the doctor can better respond to a person and accordingly, the duty is always the same doctor (family doctor) to inform about illnesses no longer necessary. These physicians, who receive certain levels of trust, automatically have access to the blockchain they have asked for and can then retrieve and supplement them for analysis. Also, in the prevention of counterfeit drugs, the Blockchain can initiate action through their complicated concept, which is revealed immediately in financial affairs. Likewise, it can minimize the basic criminal activity, no more drug smuggling, no banned substances in circulation, etc., because everything has to be registered in advance before it can be delivered in areas linked to the blockchain. Trying to get drugs illegally will be almost impossible and may minimize the risk.

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