The use of blockchain technology is to streamline everything and unify the entire process as part of global sales. Thus, the production of the payment process can be started and completed and also the tracking of the products is possible during the shipment, since the Blockchain offers the possibility to react in this way.


The Security is provided by the Blockchain system, which detects malfunctions and customs duties that can reduce and even prevent criminal activity. Secure online trading and supply chain transparency for greater transparency and security for greater customer satisfaction and security.


The distributors and companies can make important data manageable and understandable for the customers. Another topic of interest in this industry are Smart Contracts, which can only contribute to the improvement of the company. For example, DHL and Accenture have developed the base of blockchain technology, a serial network serialization prototype in six regions that allows them to cross the supply chain. The medication solution registry can be used by all other owners, warehouses, distributors, pharmacies, hospitals and doctors. Laboratory simulations show how Blockchain could handle over seven million individual serial numbers and 1,500 transactions per second.

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