Renewable Energy

Blockchain can help you to be even more ecological. It offers you the service to exchange energy that you have made for cryptocurrency. For example, you can also do a transaction with your neighbor in your district. This innovation can not only change the renewable energy market but also affect our climate – a win-win situation.


The combination of smart billing and smart contracts in terms of energy consumption plays an important role. Because the development of a platform for energy trading via the Blockchain enables a controlled and certified emissions trading and thus leads to a better internal organization of energy suppliers. It is also easier for large energy companies to register customer data and payments.


For example, you could have your own internal currency, which makes it easier for customers to pay. Transparency will be more likely because energy companies usually have huge regions with hundreds of thousands of people being cared for. In order to keep track of certain data, files and payments there are usually very complicated systems necessary that must be regularly checked by people. The blockchain would do everything in one go. One reports, for example, the non-paying customers all with stored address to authorities who take care that the payments are driven, otherwise you forgive no more power, without dozens of losses to cash until it is checked times who does not pay. It also minimizes the cost of staffing, and instead puts fewer workers in control of the systems, as the blockchain principle may self-resolve. Also, corruption or fraud are no longer possible through the Blockchain, someone would illegally use electricity or renewable energy for their own purposes, it would attract attention. Even if new innovations are created by individual companies, they can no longer simply be stolen or illegally sold to other companies, because the blockchain ensures that internal employees can no longer uncontrollably access data.

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