Craftchain Blockchain Consulting Services provide you with an in-depth analysis about how your planned or existing business can benefit from Blockchain IT Solutions. We provide technical analysis regarding your products or services and also use case analysis  with specific and tailor-made suggestions for implementation of our  consulting Strategyand Risk Assessment regarding your business.


Our highly experienced feasibility study team helps you determine as to how a implementation of Blockchain, the creation of a Cryptocurrency or launch of an ICO will fit your current or future business model. Also, our team of engineers for system audit services is equipped with core development expertise in various blockchain systems and is adept at auditing both in-house and third-party integration. We provide development and implementation for distributed applications on multiple blockchain systems and architectures with full-stack design integration.

Fulfilling your goals

We can provide arbitration services for any sort of disputes that arise on and around the blockchain and responding to identified gaps to international regulatory and compliance programs. Therefore, our Blockchain Consulting services offer a comprehensive package of regulatory and compliance services which we will help you to implement and regulate on a day to day basis. With Craftchain Blockchain Consulting services you may always rest assured that your Blockchain application is at least one step ahead of the competition.

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Our team will be happy to answer any questions with regards to your business idea, technology, project scope or potential quotes. We are here to help you.

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