Decentralized Applications

Blockchain technology is disrupting our world the same way the internet did and enables a new breed of software – namely decentralized and distributed applications (dApps). Using variations of Blockchain infrastructures these peer-to-peer applications

outperform old systems in crucial areas like security, reliability and accessibility. dApps

and blockchain-based platforms like Ethereum also enable new Smart Contract systems which make automated, conditional payouts possible, reduce the risk of fraud and improve accessibility for all contractual parties.

dApps also build the basis for entire Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) that can replace traditional trusted 3rd parties, as well as economic and bureaucratic transactions of all kinds while being many times cheaper, faster, and more secure than traditional centralized client-server-based ones.


Craftchain offers innovative blockchain development solutions tailored to your business goals. We help you develop end-to-end decentralized (DAPP) applications, including frontend, backend, smart contract design and middleware connectivity. With this new technology, for example, Ethereum advocates might feel electrified in the idea of ​​the infinite possibilities of decentralization. Ethereum’s white paper divided dApps into different types: apps that manage money, apps that involve money, and other apps that include voice and governance systems. In one type of app, a user may need to exchange ethers to make a contract with another user, using the distributed computer nodes of the network to facilitate the distribution of that data. Of course, since this process sounds rather incomprehensible at first glance, our blockchain specialists will help you find your way around here as well. The second type of app mixes money with information from outside the blockchain. For example, a crop insurance application that depends on outdoor weather feeding. For example: Suppose a farmer buys a derivative that automatically pays off when a drought interferes with his work. These intelligent contracts are based on so-called “oracles” that communicate up-to-date information about the outside world. 

Fulfilling your goals

We’ll help you build your business case, reveal the most profitable implementation opportunities of dApps for your business, and be your partner in blockchain solutions to help you develop cutting-edge technology that will give you a competitive advantage over the coming years. The inevitable onslaught of the Blockchain takeover will make many practices obsolete. Services such as banking become superfluous as the world learns to maintain and finance itself through self-sufficient, trustless and decentralized networks. Big companies hurrying to secure their place in the blockchain movement are just one example. But choosing the right ICO to invest in is an important step. In order to be able to solve your wishes in the best way possible, we answer for you all questions that you have regarding the dApps. You should ask yourself what your initial plan is and at what price you want to increase. Does it have a unique advantage? To find out, our consultants are also at your side, because we want to create services that bring your trade priority. When the Dapp scene matures, newbies with similar values ​​will come onto the market. So we will take care that you benefit from sufficient experience and advantages of our Blockchain professionals. To protect yourself against capital losses, we carry out the necessary investigations with you and create with you from beginning to end your personal plan adapted to the wishes you have in your blockchain project.

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