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The volume of funds raised through Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) now far exceed the  funds raised by traditional venture capital. ICOs became a powerful source for  nterprise funds within just a few years and are continuing their growth at staggering compound rates. However, this way of financing also brings unique risks with it: due to white label solutions with low security standards and unprofessional freelance solutions, hacks of ICOs are also a prominent topic.


Craftchain’s team participated in global token & currency launches, including Blockchain Hotels, Tecra Coin, Mano Coin and many more. Our expertise will help you launch your own ICO campaign and cryptocurrency while ensuring compliance to accepted standards and rigorous testing of the most advanced security features. Your potential investors will be able to differentiate your ICO from potentially insecure ones and shift the focus to your company and your project instead of security issues.

Fulfilling your goals

With your company’s ICO, you can take full advantage of Blockchain technology to get critical finance for your business while reaching a much wider audience than the stock market or VCs ever could. The most important criterion to consider is whether the token passes the Howey test or not. If so, it must be treated as collateral and subject to certain restrictions by SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). ICOs are easily structured using technologies such as the ERC20 token standard, which abstracts much of the development process required to create a new cryptographic asset. This can be perfect for your business, because there are few, if any, restrictions on participating in an ICO, assuming that the token is not a security. Moreover, as they take money from a global pool of investors, the sums collected in ICOs can be astronomical. A fundamental problem with ICOs is the fact that most of them collect money from the product. This makes the investment extremely speculative and risky. But do not worry, the counterargument is that this type of fundraising is especially useful for creating incentives for log development, securing your business, and giving you more options with fewer restrictions to get the most out of your blockchain.

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