Designing better experiences for blockchain:

Before starting this journey in user experience (UX) design for blockchain it is important to remember what UX is in general and after we can focus our attention on UX design. Generally speaking UX represents all types of interactions between an end-user and the company, it’s services and its products. In a wide scale by UX we can understand that it brings meaningfulness and relevance to the user.

Going back to the UX design meaning we can find many definitions and opinions, but in essence when we have to deal with user experience design we have to know two things: usability and desirability.  This means that UX design has to deal with rational aspects, but also with those regarding feelings and emotions. Beside from usability and desirability, it is also concerned with the entire process of acquiring and interacting with the product. Including aspects of branding, visual design and function.

When we talk about UX in blockchain technology everyone is focused on one main thing- Trust. This is the main task that a UX designer has to accomplish when he has to develop a blockchain application. Because blockchain technology is known as the “Pandora box” of that so-called “trustless” technology this is why a UX designer has to become a “trust architect”.

Aside of building trust a UX designer has to know behavioral psychology, interaction patterns, color theory, information architecture and all the other parts that will make a great user experience. This behavioral understanding is related also with the capacity of understanding the demographic target: that means that a UX designer has to focus on targets needs but in a subjective way. The designer has to create a useful and desirable experience not for himself because not all the time “me” is the same with “them”.

After this brief introduction in UX world, now is time to focus our attention on a topic very useful when you’ve started to design for blockchain.

  1. Gamification is the new thing

Definitely that this practice is not suitable for all the business area especially when we are talking about banks and other financial companies, but for others is an excellent opportunity to raise the engagement level. In the tech world, the word “gamification” stands for the technique of exerting game mechanics into the non-game environment, such as websites and mobile applications.

  1. Provide consistency to the user

When you are working for the UX design for a new experience you have to ensure your consistency especially to make your consumers feel comfortable and in their own element when it comes the interactions with your new product or service.

  1. Make things more easier

Costumers needs for simplicity and minimum of effort has to be another aspect that an UX designer has to care about. Even if a user is looking for simplicity, sometimes the line between assisting users and making them feel stupid is more sensitive that we taught. Users really don’t want to commit mistake this is way they have to be guided from the shadow.

  1. Encourage feedback

Is important when we want to offer a new experience to encourage users to expose their opinion in this way you will know what you have to improve and also you will create an engagement process.

  1. Don’t forget about irreversibility

As everyone knows we can revert or cancel a transaction on blockchain, so is crucial to inform users about blockchain irresponsibility .

And because I have been mentioned in this articles how important is for a UX blockchain designer to know and understand the human behavior we will present you some tips for making an UX design” more human”.


  1. Simplicity is the key

As we noticed before simplicity is a valuable word for in the UX design because most of the time complex interfaces ware rated less interesting than simpler one. This fact is related with the fact that humans are not willing to make an extra effort.

  1. Visual hierarchy might be useful more than you think

By “hierarchy” we can understand how the content is organized by the designer starting with the most important to the least important. Usually the item that grabs more attention is most of the time placed on the top of the hierarchy because we have to know one thing: people mind is still working with patters recognition.


  1. Sometimes what is “trendy and cool” is not applied to you

Most of the time we are tempted to follow the trends and to forget what is important for the users. For example skeumorphic design it become less and less used because designers prefer now flatter design languages, but not what is looking better is working in the same way.

  1. Typography matters

Choosing the appropriate typography is important depending on your content, type of business and industry. Sometimes an inadequate typography might affect not just the aesthetic appeal but the most important thing it can affect the level of trust.

  1. Act with professionalism

Never ask or insist for personal information from a user first you have to proof that you are valuable and that the user should choose you for the second time also. Secondly, you shod be smart enough and try not to ask the user for things that will definitely don’t make him comfortable with.

Writer: Andreea Saveluc

Designer: Zhanar Zhengisbay

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