Top 5 cryptocurrency to follow in 2019

2009 represents a crucial moment in the history of cryptocurrency market because then was created the most known cryptocurrency: Bitcoin.

However, since then, we can notice a huge growth of the crypto world. During this summer the number of cryptocurrencies available was around 2000 but not all of them represent a good opportunity to invest money.

Thinking about how long this new market is going to least? How the future of the cryptocurrencies will look over the years?, we don’t have a clear answer, but the only thing that we are sure about is the fact that the popularity is now increasing. This reality is definitely caused by the blockchain technology used behind every cryptocurrency. This technology is a distributed ledger (every member of the chain has a copy stocked in his computer) which allows digital transactions to occur in real time and the main characteristics are decentralization, distribution and transparency and the most important is incorruptibility.

In this article we tried to discover, based on the opinion of many cryptocurrency experts, top 5 cryptocurrencies which someone should follow and invest the next year.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)

Even if is losing market, Bitcoin is still dominates the cryptocurrency market and is the main trading pair for every other coin: that means if you want to trade another cryptocurrency you will need BTC to buy it. Also, BTC is a standard in cryptocurrency world: that means when the price is up, the price of the others coins is up and when down all the others currencies are affected.

So, if you want to invest in cryptocurrency in 2019 Bitcoin still one of the best options.


  1. Eos

Is considered to become in a few years the best operating system for enterprise applications in western countries. Eos will represent an optimal option for decentralized big companies because it has the capacity to scale enterprise level-volume.

Another advantage of this cryptocurrency is the ability to port project from Ethereum (ETH) to Eos. Eos has as a strong point a developed community support and the block producer is voted by members of the community.


  1. Ethereum (ETH)

Is still a relevant cryptocurrency but is losing value in front of Eos. This is happening    because ICOs currencies are removed from the battle and the process of scaling is unknown. The only thing that is saving ETH from braking down is the massive lead over all the networks in term of network effect. To avoid these problems of scalability many developers prefer to move to Eos.

  1. Ripple (XRP)

Like some cryptocurrency specialists predicted, XRP will dominate the institutional bank infrastructure. This cryptocurrency helps banks to make transactions instantly across national borders. Ripple’s main objective is to improve the international banks transactions and other companies. On the other hand, Stellar Lumex is focused in offering cheap and fast services for new business and individuals.

  1. Stellar Lumex (XLM)

This cryptocurrency it will become one of the best platforms enterprise level payment infrastructure. In payments and banking area we can see that the fight for dominance is between XLM and XRP , but the last one has right now 5 from the capital of the XLM.

Stellar Lumex is focused right now on offering fast and efficient services to individuals in cross- border payments and this cryptocurrency recently has established a partnership with IMB and others tech companies.

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