What’s the future of ICOs in 2019?

At the end of last year, the crypto money market, which had stormed at the end of 2018, remained stable since the beginning of 2018, while experts point to 2019 for a new positive move.

Crypto currency industry is experiencing increases and decreases in alarm level. Although 2018 seems to be a big disappointment for the crypto-money sector, in 2018 the sector successfully passed a big test. So how does it go especially for 2019 Bitcoin and other crypto coins?

Despite the decline of the crypto coins after the 2017 exit, the sector has misled all grave diggers and managed to stand firmly. There have been many notable technological and financial developments in the sector throughout 2018. First of all, unclear crypto coins have been defined by the laws and regulations and have taken their place financially.

Today, we know that the banks and exchanges of the most developed countries of the world are getting into the crypto money sector and they are preparing to enter the sector. So the future of the sector is very bright. After that, it would be best to wait for the sector to deepen further and therefore give more mature reactions. What is the most important crypto coins in 2019?


The Ripple company and its cryptocurrency XRP are based on a unique technology. This technology does not only offer enterprise blockchain solutions, it also allows for the exchange of virtual commodities and the establishment of a worldwide payment and transfer infrastructure by connecting banks and payment agencies.

Ripple can be thought of as a highway that can serve the whole world. Therefore, especially in 2019, Ripple and XRP coini might expect a huge leap.


Ethereum played a major role in the crypto-money industry with the features that Bitcoin did not offer. Ethereum, as an incubator center for the development of many projects in the sector, became a pioneer in the development of projects that could be called better with these features. Ethereum is a platform where smart contracts can be produced beyond being a digital currency. On this platform, applications can be carried out without any complication or third party intervention. Ethereum is experiencing the biggest decline in prices these days. Of course, the technical shortcomings of Ethereum for a long time and the future interrogations that have been created have an effect. But currently the most traded blockchain in the world is Ethereum and has the advantage of being the first in the world. Almost everyone has an Ethereum wallet. Almost everyone is familiar with common practices such as myetherwallet and metamask for the Ethereum network. Nevertheless, the platform on which most developers work on the world is again Ethereum. Nowadays, projects for Ethereum, which will overcome the blockages for a long time, are now being published. This is why Ethereum can make a big leap after overcoming the last jam. There are many valid reasons to think that 2019 will be very bright for Etheruem.


In short, it would not be wrong to say that Eos can change the entire blockchain industry. Currently, many projects are being developed in the sector, and EOS can be considered as a unique project with the most advanced technology. If we say that EOS will make a very important step in 2019, we probably wouldn’t be wrong.


Bitcoin, the father of the crypto currency industry, is the first eye pain in the crypto money industry. Crypto is the leader of the money industry. In spite of all the criticisms and technological shortcomings. Bitcoin, the golden child of the sector, does not seem to be a value store, although it has not proven itself as a currency. Nowadays, although the weight ratio in the sector is increasing dramatically, Bitcoin sometimes decreases this weight to below 50%, but it never seems to leave the leadership.

If Bitcoin can see a drop in a few weeks, it can also reach peaks in a few weeks. Therefore, we should not be deceived by the current declines. Bitcoin is not sure what to do.

Nowadays, many conditions are ready for Bitcoin to make big jump again. There may be decisions by the SEC at any moment to open the way to Bitcoin. At any moment, the biggest stock market in the United States or the bank may bring news to the peak of Bitcoin. Due to the fall of trade wars and local currencies at any moment, it can begin to flock to Bitcoin with Gold all over the world. I’m looking at a spark. Don’t look at the fact that nowadays nobody has bought Bitcoin for $ 6000. Bitcoin has seen the bottom of the bottom of the perception that will run to the peaks of $ 6000 to look at the same bitcoin will not queue to get the same bitcoin.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the value of these days and to prepare for the high figures that can be realized in 2019.


Ertuğrul Bülbül


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